Loneliness After the Holidays

It’s a new year! Many people have New Year’s Resolutions, meaning new goals for the New Year! Your friends and family might seem excited about what’s to come in 2019, but that might not be the case for you. What I’m noticing more than anything after this holiday season is loneliness. Both current clients, new clients, and prospective clients are expressing feeling lonely after this holiday season. 

While I wish that everyone had happy holidays, that’s simply not the case for everyone. Some do not have family to share the holidays with, others were around family, but still felt painfully alone. You may feel like you are the only person experiencing this chronic loneliness, but you’re not. Many people have a very difficult time during and immediately following the holidays. Maybe you really enjoyed the holidays, but depression is returning due to feeling like there’s nothing to look forward to this year. Or perhaps you just moved here and don’t really know anyone. There are a variety of reasons that people are feeling lonely right now, but there is a remedy. 

What is the cure for loneliness? We believe that it’s connection. If you are feeling alone, please know that you don’t have to continue to feel that way. As of January 2019, we just opened our new therapy center called Nashville Center for Trauma and Psychotherapy (NCTP). We have providers with a variety of specialties at a range of costs from $20-$175 per session, but what we all have in common is a value for connection and intimacy. We know how important relationships and connections are for our survival. NCTP is also holding a variety of different groups this year. Groups are a completely different experience than individual therapy. It can be truly valuable to connect with others who have similar struggles to you. Check out our groups page for more information! We look forward to serving our Nashville community in this new year!