children and adolescents

Is your child, or a child in your life, struggling with worry, anxiety, mood challenges or behavioral challenges? Are they experiencing a life crisis, a loss, or a big change? Are you concerned about nurturing their emotional development and positive self-esteem as they grow? Are you wondering how to best understand or support their unique brain as they develop? Do you feel that they, and possibly you, just need some support?

Take heart that if you, as the caregiver, find yourself on this page, you already doing so much good by your child by taking their mental and emotional health seriously. You have already taken the biggest step in their healing by seeking support. Breathe deeply. We can help.

We take the mental health of our youngest clients seriously and recognize that childhood presents a unique set of considerations for how to best heal the mind, heart and soul in addition to all the curveballs that life can throw to any of us at any time. Children experience anxiety, depression, grief, obsession, and so much more, just as adults do-- but they experience it with a child's brain, heart and body. Just as we don't expect most five-year-olds to do calculus or most ten-year-olds to drive a car, we don't expect child therapy to look the same as adult therapy. We recognize that children and young people need therapy in a language that works for their own unique precious developmental level; therapy that meets them where they are, supports understanding in a way that works for them, and heals them from the inside out. Play-based therapy, art therapy, heart-centered connection, mind-body considerations, and TBRI, in addition to developmentally appropriate takes on CBT and talk therapy, are foundations of how we work with children. 

Children and families are supported on the journey through and back to the Four C's that children need: Connection, Courage, Consistency, Comfort.  (See Blog)

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