Education consultation

Are you concerned with your child's educational progress? Do you feel that your child's exceptional needs are not being adequately identified or met by the school? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the S-team, special education, IEP, or 504 process? You are not alone. Many Davidson County and Williamson county parents also feel lost when it comes to getting the best support for their children's educational needs and are not sure where to start. There are many differences between the medical, mental health, and educational systems that often lead to confusion. A diagnosis from a doctor does not always lead to implementation of special education services at school quickly or easily. Perhaps you disagree with the decisions of your child's school or simply do not understand all the paperwork that you have been presented with and asked to sign. Maybe you are just getting started in the process and need some guidance. I am here to help. If you would like to schedule a consultation to review your child's exceptional needs, outside testing information, and or psychoeducational documents we can do that together. I am available to meet here in our office and to attend school based meetings with you as well as needed.

Services include: in office meetings, document review and evaluation, partaking in school meetings

Services provided by Dr Heather Alesch

Education consultation

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