(Pre-Teens, Adolescents)

 Teens have a variety of issues and challenges that they face on a day-to-day basis.  Often there is significant pressure from peers to be a certain way in order to fit in.  Additionally, this a challenging time for parents, where there is worry and concern for a variety of reasons.  Because of this, we tend to work from a systems perspective, meaning we will incorporate one or both parents in the therapeutic process.  Although a teen is nearing adulthood and learning to be their own person, in many ways they still need the support of loving adults.  We typically meet with teens individually, but sometimes bring parents in to talk about relevant issues.  Sometimes we may even schedule sessions with just parents present.  All of these decisions are made in collaboration with the family to best meet the needs of your teen.

We have extensive experience working with teenagers from coaching, parenting, groups homes and more!  We understand how challenging this period of time can be for a family, and commonly see teenagers with the following issues:

History of traumatic childhood

Attachment issues

Sexual assault


Suicidal ideation

Relationship challenges

Drug use

Highly sensitive teens

High achieving teens with perfectionism

Athletes navigating the college decision-making process

Athletes with performance anxiety