Interns! Wahoo!!

We are thrilled to have interns here at NCTP that help our practice run smoothly, and provide income dependent fees, serving Nashville with affordable therapy…. What!?!?! I know you thought that was impossible!  Our current interns are with us from varying programs as they pursue their master's degrees in counseling.  Supervision will be provided directly by one of our licensed therapists while they are practicing at NCTP.   If you are interested in the limited lower fee spots for counseling that is attainable by seeing an intern, let us know in order to be placed on the schedule.  

Chloe ORrvar

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My interest in psychology began when I had my first psychology class my senior year of high school. I then went on to college thinking I wanted to be a Physical Therapist, then an Occupational Therapist, and then I finally realized I just wanted to talk to people. This self-discovery lead me to changing my major and developed my passion for counseling. I was fortunate enough to have internships at Ball State University with group and individual counseling for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

From that moment on I began searching for graduate programs, which lead me to Lipscomb University and a specialization in Play Therapy. I am in my first semester of Internship. My goal with others is to inspire, empower, and encourage. I am most interested in working with those with depression, eating disorders, and self-esteem issues.  

When I’m not working, I am typically at a local dog park with my 1-year-old Goldendoodle, shopping, watching basketball, or trying a new Pinterest recipe. 


Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science

Minors in Psychology of Human Development and Interpersonal Relations

Ball State University – Muncie, IN

Specialized Training 

Assessing and Managing Suicidal Risk 

Play Therapy 


Crystal Owens

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I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2002 and a Master of Science in School Counseling in 2009. As a School Counselor, I have over a decade of experience working with adolescents and families. In this role, I repeatedly referred families to clinicians in the Nashville area for follow-up care.

I soon realized I wanted to be part of the solution. This lead me to my interest in clinical counseling and began taking additional courses. I am currently enrolled at Lipscomb University to obtain an additional master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My philosophy to counseling is to be a facilitator. I feel that many times individuals hold the key to their solutions with and with the proper support, they can accomplish their wellness goals.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring parks around town with my kids. I also love traveling, watching decorating shows, and gardening.


Jess Mattson


I dedicated my twenties to becoming incredibly curious about who I was and who it is I wanted to become. When I made the decision to become a therapist, it was because I became incredibly clear on two things: I love people and I love learning about their why. Now, as a young clinician, I get the opportunity to sit in front of you and be wildly curious about who you are and who you want to become while acknowledging and processing the pain, challenges, and celebrations along the way. This journey started with a B.S. in Communication Studies with a focus on gender studies, which guided me through various adventures that eventually led me to Nashville Center for Trauma and Psychotherapy. Outside of NCTP and graduate school, I am the lead instructor at Fahrenheit Yoga where my soul comes alive creating space for students to decompress and gain a higher sense of self.

In my "free time," I spend as much time as possible with my CrossFit family, gallivant around Nashville tasting all of the food and drinks, practicing yoga, or living fully in the big belly laugh moments with friends.

Intern fees…. are based off of your income between $20 and $80. no one has ever been turned away simply because of finances. Please ask, no matter your situation.


Call 615.268.3344 or schedule above to begin your journey to better emotional, mental and spiritual health.

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