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masters candidate interns

$20-$70 / Session

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Our Philosophy

The why matters.

We are quick to share our happiness, but struggle with sharing our burdens. Our passion lies in working collaboratively with you, gaining insight about life's current stress, and working towards living a joyful, healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life.  In today's stressful society we are constantly connected, there is not enough time to get everything done, let alone disconnect from the world and find time for yourself.  You have to juggle families and careers -  spouses and friends - caring for your kids while caring for aging parents. Or maybe you are in the phase of life where you are trying to figure out what to do, where you want to be, and who you want to live life with. This leaves little.... no....  time to take care of yourself!  We believe that life should be lived as a community, supporting one another, growing, learning, celebrating!! and sharing in life's ups and downs.

In our sessions we disconnect from the fast paced, demanding world around us and focus on you.  It is a period of time where you can speak freely about how you are truly feeling, what the reality of your life is, and trust that you will be heard.  How often do you get a period of time where you can sit, disconnect, focus, and work to better yourself?  How often are you really heard?  

In counseling you get to tell your story, you are the expert in your life.  That being said, there are discrepancies in our stories.  Do your values align with your daily life?  Are you following your passions in life or just daydreaming of them?  In our time together we work to help you identify where the dependencies are that might be causing you angst.  We are then able to expand your story and incorporate positive change.  We may be working to decrease your anxiety, increase joy, find direction- all of which are attainable!  

We view our work through a systemic lens.  And by that we mean we don't live in a bubble, we are not isolated, we are part of various systems that influence us greatly.  We believe that current life situations are influenced not only by today, or the here and now, but also by family, social influences, work environment, history and much more. Our goal is to help you to find peace, contentment, direction and joy all while appreciating and celebrating the impermeable, profoundly influential systems around you.

Confidentiality and genuineness are vital for a trusting and productive therapeutic relationship.  We feel that you must find a counselor that fits your personality and work style in order to feel comfortable and make the positive changes that you are aiming for.  This is your time, your investment, and you deserve to make it work for you.  If you believe we might work well together- our vow as counselors is to be genuine - be ourselves (sometimes sarcastic)- be open, honest and work to make our sessions together productive.