high functioning depression

Depression might not look like the antidepressant commercial…  

When someone is depressed, they may feel empty, sad or hopeless. We can all feel that way from time to time, but someone who is depressed feels that way every day or nearly every day. Depression makes people lose interest in activities that they would usually enjoy, and it can make them feel worthless and guilty. Some people experience a change in weight, fatigue, indecisiveness, inability to concentrate or insomnia. Many times, depression makes people want to isolate themselves, and sometimes, it makes people want to hurt themselves. High functioning depression means that the person can still function in their daily lives, but they find themselves feeling hopeless or sad. Having depression can make it difficult to find the motivation to seek treatment, but the first step to healing is reaching out. And that can be hard. We are here….. Depression symptoms can be managed through lifestyle changes, cognitive therapy and more.