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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US, however, due to stigmas surrounding suicidality there is underreporting. If you have found this page, wether by accident or intentionally, we want you to know, that we are here to help. The subject of suicidal thoughts is complex.

  • Ideation, which is simply thinking about wanting to kill yourself or of wanting to die, or to go to sleep and never wake up. These thoughts can come and go or be a part of your life for a long time.

  • Having a plan, which is having ways of how one might kill themselves,

  • Suicide attempt, is when someone follows through with their plan, which can lead to a hospitalization of some sort.

  • Suicide attempt survivor is someone has has attempted suicide in the past

  • Survivor of suicide is someone who has lost someone to suicide.

People struggling with these things are at an increase risk for dying by suicide. People who experience suicidal ideation and make suicidal plans are at an increase risk of suicide attempts. Those who have experienced all forms of suicidal thoughts and behaviors are at a greater risk for dying by suicide. That is where we can come in. Most often those thinking of suicide are not truly wanting to kill themselves, but are rather wanting to kill the pain they are experiencing, and might not see another way to do that. Through counseling, we can work through trauma, provide support, identify what experiences have lead us to this place, find prescribers for medication if that is warranted, and develop skills to deal with our suicidal thoughts.

Want to read more about our thoughts and what it might be like to reach out, read our blog: We Laugh to Survive

Note: Although we work with people on safety planning, we are required to hospitalize if we believe you are in imminent risk to yourself or someone else. If we are not able to come up with a safety plan that both clinician and you feel is effective and can be followed, we will need to hospitalize to keep you safe.

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